The manufacture of the bus is a joint project by Bravo – the parent company of Citybus and New World First Bus – and Wisdom (Fuijian) Motor Company. They worked closely from the concept, to design, to production, with a focus on enabling the bus to handle the city's topography and operating environment.

The bus body was painted yellow, in line with the existing Citybus fleet, with blue accents as a symbol for being electricity-powered and zero carbon emission.

A finalized livery of the bus will be unveiled in due course at the public launch, Bravo said.

The company added that the bus will undergo a series of rigorous internal tests before completing the Transport Department's official vehicle inspection.

The launch date and route operations will be announced in due course. The bus is expected to operate all over the city to gain valuable in-service operational data.

Adam Leishman, Bravo's CEO, believed public transport bus companies can help in achieving the carbon neutrality goal, and electrification is one of the many options.

A spokesperson for Wisdom said that they are proud to have collaborated with Bravo in the project, and have high hopes that the bus equipped with next generation technologies will be suitable for the city's operating environment.