Fears for heart girl after jab

An 11-year-old girl is fighting for her life in intensive care following surgery for acute heart inflammation three weeks after she got her second BioNTech jab.

Siu Yik-tung was admitted to a hospital's accident and emergency ward on Wednesday with heart and stomach pains and was later diagnosed with myocarditis.

Her condition suddenly worsened early the following day and doctors said she needed to be transferred to Children's Hospital.

However, as Siu got in the ambulance, her condition deteriorated and she was rushed back to the ward.

After a few hours of emergency treatment, she was taken to the ICU of Children's Hospital and is currently relying on an artificial heart and lungs to maintain cardiopulmonary function and reduce the load on her heart.

Siu's aunt posted a message on her Facebook page calling on people to pray for the girl.

"Although I was puzzled to learn she was in the ICU, I was not that worried because of her spirited and cheerful voice," she wrote.

In an update, she said Siu is still fighting for her life after minor heart surgery on Friday.

She said the operation managed to stop her condition from worsening.

But doctors prescribed medication to put her to sleep and prevent her from struggling because she was scared of her immobilized body and being wired to life-sustaining equipment.