Fallen 'Crypto King' Who Owes Millions to Investors Was Kidnapped and Tortured

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A self-styled "Crypto King" who allegedly fleeced investors out of millions was kidnapped and tortured, according to explosive court documents.

Former cryptocurrency trader, Aiden Pleterski, who had promised investors healthy returns of 7 percent, before filing for bankruptcy, was kidnapped and tortured by disgruntled creditors, according to court documents.

Pleterski, known as a Crypto King”, owned luxury cars including McLarens and a Lamborghini, and had rented a 45,000 dollar a month waterfront villa.

Efforts are being made to recover as much money as possible for Pleterski's victims.

The trader claimed that the funds were lost on margin calls through bad trades but is accused of blowing millions on his lavish lifestyle, rather than investing the funds he was given.



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