Extinction Rebellion protesters target 13 London businesses post-COP27

The group said ‘fake oil’ was poured over offices and front steps, a fire was lit and fake blood poured on the pavement outside businesses ‘linked to the fossil fuel industry’

Extinction Rebellion and other climate activists have targeted 13 London businesses and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) building in a string of demonstrations after COP27.

The group said ‘fake oil’ was poured over offices and front steps, a fire was lit and fake blood poured on the pavement outside businesses they believe to have links to the fossil fuel industry on Monday morning.

Protests took place at BP, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, BAE Systems, Church House, Ineos, Eversheds Sutherland, Schlumberger, the International Maritime Organisation, the Institute of Economic Affairs, JP Morgan, Arch Insurance, the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Metropolitan Police said 15 activists were arrested on either suspicion of criminal damage or conspiracy to commit crominal damage. One person was arrested for assault at a building in Clekernwell Green.

A further five activists were arrested in the City of London for committing similar offences.

The action follows the conclusion of COP27 in Egypt, when nations failed to agree limiting the use of fossil fuels.

Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Sarah Hart said: “Extinction Rebellion are sending the message that it’s time to cut the ties with fossil fuels or lose the social license to operate in the UK.

“While the rest of us worry about the cost of turning the heating on our government is prioritising the profits of the very companies that are jeopardising our climate and environment.”

Ocean Rebellion held a dramatic demonstration outside the offices of the International Maritime Organisation, including activists vomiting fake oil and causing a fire.

Performances illustrated the UN shipping body’s refusal to regulate shipping emissions, Extinction Rebellion said. A plume of smog filled the air and an oil slick appeared on the ground with dead birds caught in it.

Others wearing fish heads and pinstripe suits called on the Government to end overfishing British waters.

Spokesperson Suzanne Stallard said:“Overfishing is one of the most serious threats to our Ocean. It is the leading driver of marine biodiversity loss and critically undermines the resilience of fish and other wildlife to climate change.”

XR Cymru poured fake oil over public relations consultancy Hill+Knowlton Strategies in Clerkenwell Green, while Doctors for XR glued themselves to the windows of JP Morgan’s London headquarters.

Christian Climate Action supporters took action at BAE Systems and Church House in Westminster to “highlight the Church of England’s failing strategy to stay invested in fossil fuels and influence the industry as shareholders”, Extinction Rebellion said.

XR South West sprayed fake oil on the BEIS building to protest against its plans to issue more than 100 new licences for exploration and extraction of oil and gas in the North Sea.

Oil was sprayed over multinational law firm Eversheds Sutherland and a number of other locations.