The bay area bar exam was held in Hong Kong on July 31, which aimed to provide an extensive arena for the sector's development in the Mainland.

Yung scored 124 points with the passing grade being 120 points. Yung happily revealed her score alongside New People's Party chairwoman Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee in the Legislative Council on Thursday.

Yung added she will have to go training for about a month before officially start practicing.

She pointed out that she had spend about a month on studying and confessed that she thought the exam was difficult at first due to the huge syllabus. She also thanked Ho for studying with her together alongside other barristers.

Ho on the other hand passed the exam as well, saying his score is similar to that of Yung. He also said his result is not outstanding and is quite “scaring” instead.

“Who would I want to thank now? Of course I want to thank China. If they don't arrange this exam for us Hong Kong barristers, we are nothing,” Ho told reporters.

Ip then asked which Mainland city Yung would go practice in in the future. Yung replied she hasn't come up with a decision yet. She continued that maybe she will go practice in her home town Jiangmen or in Qianhai, where there are countless development opportunities waiting for her.