Friday Beyond Spotlights – Rex Auyeung: MTR Connects and Grows Communities

Friday Beyond Spotlights, an informative yet light-hearted talk show airing tonight on the Hong Kong International Business Channel (#76), is where prominent guests share their insights into current affairs, business, innovation and culture, as well as their ingenuity, passion and grit which forge their Lion Rock Spirit. The program is hosted by businessman and philanthropist Patrick Tsang On-yip, lawyer and lawmaker Nick Chan Hiu-fung, and seasoned business maverick Herman Hu Shao-ming.

Hosted by Patrick Tsang, episode 11 of Season 2 presents Rex Auyeung, Chairman of MTR Corporation. Auyeung actively serves the public in the fields of education, charity, financial and insurance.

Auyeung attributes the success of MTR to over 40 years of experience accumulated by its dedicated staff and great work ethics; its unique “Rail plus Property” development model to support sustainability of railway development and operations which has been identified as one of the successful models for rail operators worldwide; and its well-developed policy procedures that all its employees can follow diligently. The company also actively makes use and invests in new technologies, which Auyeung says has advanced to a stage that it can help his colleagues do a better job in a shorter period of time. “We pride ourselves in the 99.9 per cent punctuality rate of our trains,” he adds.

MTR has also expanded its business to Mainland China, Australia, Sweden and the UK. Apart from providing quality rail service in those markets, MTR also helps promote Hong Kong’s brand globally as an international financial centre with good supporting facilities.

Auyeung welcomes the government’s recent policy address as it strengthens the connectivity between the Mainland and Hong Kong, particularly in the northern metropolis area. “We will see a lot more new infrastructure to be built and with the purpose of supporting economic growth. We strongly believe the Greater Bay Area is one way that Hong Kong plays a very vital part in the overall development.”

In the program, Auyeung shares with audiences a roly-poly toy which will tilt back upright no matter what you do with it. He says the toy, which has been sitting on his desk since it was given to him by a friend, truly symbolises the Hong Kong spirit. “This is something I highly encourage our young generation to think about because whether it’s your personal life or your career, everybody will run into problems. And yet, when you are faced with an issue or a problem, it doesn’t mean you give up. Face it, deal with it and eventually better times will come.”

Commenting on the future of Hong Kong, Auyeung says one thing that is constant in his mind is “change”. “Change will be the word we see all the time. There will be difficulties and challenges, but as long as we take a positive frame of mind and deal with it, there will be opportunities that you can create for yourself.”

To find out more, watch Season 2, Episode 11 of Friday Beyond Spotlights tonight at 8:30pm on the HKIBC channel (#76).

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