Eight subsidized Hong Kong universities see over 2,700 dropouts in year 2021/22

Over 2,700 students quit studying from Hong Kong's eight subsidized universities in the year 2021/22, marking a three percent year-on-year increase and seeing an all-time high in 19 years, according to latest statistics.

Among these students, 2,342 were admitted to a bachelor degree, climbing by four percent compared with the number logged in year 2020/21.

There were about 87,300 students studying the bachelor programs offered by the eight universities in year 2021/22 and the number was similar to that of the previous school year.

Yet, a total of 2,712 students studying associate degree and bachelor degree programs, and taught post-graduate programs quit, rising by 69, or 2.6 percent compared with last year's figure.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University saw the highest number of quitting students at about 650, indicating a 26 percent year-on-year increase. Over 440 were studying a bachelor program but they quit for other reasons including personal health, family issues and other study arrangements, according to PolyU.

Meanwhile, the University of Hong Kong and the City University of Hong Kong each saw over 400 dropouts as well.

Yet, some universities saw a declining trend in the number of dropouts, including the Hong Kong Baptist University which saw the number fall from 225 in year 2020/21 to 180 in year 2021/22.

The Education University of Hong Kong also saw the figure stand at 197 in year 2021/22, seeing a 15 percent year-on-year decrease.

HKBU said the number of dropouts may vary according to actual circumstances and stressed the school will study each of the students' case and provide necessary support if possible.