The incident took place around 11pm on Friday when traffic cops found a white seven-seater traveling Lung Cheung Road eastward to Ngau Chi Wan crossing the double white lines. The driver sped up and drove into Clear Water Bay Road when cops followed closely and tried to intercept the vehicle.

Yet, the police vehicle lost control and crashed into a taxi while the white car proceeded to Po Toi O Chuen Road -- with only one lane used for both ways traffic. The white car was forced to stop as it gave way to another vehicle approaching head-on, but a backup police vehicle arrived.

Just when a constable and a sergeant armed with batons got off the vehicle and attempted to put the driver under arrest, the driver reversed the white car -- hitting two police vehicles and the sergeant -- to make his escape.

The constable once pulled his gun, but the driver ignored the warning and fled the scene heading towards Kowloon along Tai Au Mun Road. The driver and a female passenger then abandoned the seven-seater after he crashed the vehicle trying to overtake another car.

The driver ran into a group of off-duty officers from the police's tactical unit about 400 meters away, who found the driver suspicious and subdued him while waiting for backup.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the vehicle license of the white car had expired, and the driver aged about 30, didn't pass the drug test. He was then arrested for furious driving, drug driving, driving without third-party insurance, driving an unlicensed vehicle, and failing to present an identification document.

As for the sergeant, he sustained an injury to his arm and was admitted to a hospital.

Police are still searching for the female passenger who hailed a cab and escaped.