Driver commits suicide in taxi with woman found drowned in sea

A 41-year-old taxi driver was found dead in his car this morning around 11:30am at Cheung Sha Wan Path, with a note left saying, "I’m sorry, mom."

Police received a report this morning from passers-by finding a taxi parked next to the street while the driver, who was supposed to be finishing his night shift duty at that time, according to his colleagues, was spotted unconscious inside.

Rescuers rushed to the scene and opened the vehicle, only to find the driver dead, with beer cans scattered inside the taxi.

A note was also detected by officers from the smartphone of the deceased, with content saying, "I’m sorry, mom,” and showing love to her and apologies for not being able to accompany her.

Officers believed the deceased, surnamed Yau, to be a missing man reported previously.

Separately, a woman was found dead on a beach at Hong Kong Gold Coast in Tuen Mun this morning.

Witnesses noticed a female body on the beach at around 8:30am today and called the police, while rescuers arrived at the scene only to find the female had died by drowning.

Later at 9:13am, police received a report from a male in Tuen Mun claiming his wife was missing after leaving a suicide note. Officers believed the deceased woman was the man’s wife.

The two suspected suicide cases are currently under investigation.

If you are having suicidal thoughts, or you know someone who is, help is available.

24 hours suicide prevention hotlines:

- The Samaritan Befrienders HK: 2389 2222

- Hospital Authority Mental Health Direct: 2466 7350

- The Samaritans: 2896 0000

- Suicide Prevention Services: 2382 0000

- CEASE Crisis Centre of Tung Wah Groups of Hospitals: 18281

- Caritas Family Crisis Support Centre: 18288