Hong Kong's pandemic situation remained under control and many sectors cared when will the borders between the city and Mainland be open again.

Speaking on a radio program, Hui suggested Hong Kong should consider facilitating Mainland's health code system. He noted that the system is still not in place due to several factors, including differences in culture and the real-name registration of mobile SIM cards that will not enact until next year.

He also said citizens should not overthink that the health code will be used to trace their whereabouts. He continued that it is a safety measure for travelers to use health code during the pandemic, as health authorities can trace any confirmed case.

Hui gave the example of Singapore as well, pointing out that travelers are required to use health code once they enter the borders.

Earlier Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said she had proposed to the Central Government that the city needs exchanges between experts so that the gradual and orderly reopening of borders can take place.

Hui revealed that he is not one of the experts that Lam mentioned, adding that she should be referring to public health experts within the Department of Health. He also said the conditions for reopening borders included boosting the inoculation rate and keeping the zero local infection record.