Director Law Chun-wai pleads guilty to threatening nightclub girl with nude photos

Law Chun-wai, who directed famous TV series for TVB and ViuTV, pleaded guilty to threatening a nightclub girl with her nude photos on Wednesday and will be sentenced on March 1.

The 43-year-old director appeared before acting principal magistrate Peony Wong Nga-yan at the Kowloon City Court today, as he was charged with common assault and threatened publication of intimate images without consent.

Law entered a plea deal and pleaded guilty to a threatening charge while the assault charge was dropped by the prosecution.

The court heard that Law met the nightclub girl “X” in January last year, and they had been contacting on WhatsApp since then. Law paid to have sex with X twice at his home in Bay View Garden, Wong Tai Sin, on January 24 and February 28.

Around midnight on March 26, X got a text from Law, who threatened X to become his sex slave and sex toy. Otherwise, Law said he would send two photos of X taken during their sex to her colleagues.

Law also listed several demands, including asking X to bring another woman to serve him and take more photos of her private parts.

“The whole world will have your nude photos if you fail to get me another woman by Monday,” judge Wong referred to one of the messages and read.

X, who fulfilled some of Law's demands later, worried that Law would still leak the photos and reported to the police.

Law was arrested a few days later. Under police caution, Law claimed he was drunk at the time and had no intention to send out the two sex photos of X. Police later also found five sex photos of X in Law's phone.

In mitigation, the defense said Law had an excellent reputation in the TV industry, and he worked very hard. The defense also cited another veteran director with 40 years of experience who promised future job opportunities for Law.

Law deeply regretted his wrongdoing as he had been remanded in custody for 76 days. It was unlikely for Law to commit the crime again, and Law also wrote and apologized to X, the defense added.

Judge Wong then ordered Law to remain in custody until his sentencing on March 1, awaiting the court to retrieve a background report.