Delta Passenger Accused Of Grabbing, Forcibly Kissing Flight Attendant: Report

He told the male flight attendant that he was ''so beautiful'', before asking for a kiss.

A Delta Airlines first-class passenger was arrested after he was accused of forcing himself on a male flight attendant and kissing him on the neck, New York Post reported. The passenger has been identified as David Alan Burk, aged 61, who was travelling from Minnesota to Alaska to settle his dead friend's estate.

As a first-class passenger on the Delta Airlines flight, Mr Burk was entitled to drinks before his take-off from Minneapolis. However, the crew member told him he ''ran out of time'' to serve him red wine. After takeoff, the flight attendant, identified as TC, served him a glass of red wine. When he returned later to collect meal trays from him, Mr Burk reached out to shake TC's hand, according to an affidavit.

10 minutes later, Mr Burk got up to use the restroom and stopped at the galley where TC was.

He told the male flight attendant that he was ''so beautiful', before asking for a kiss. The attendant replied, ''No, thank you,'' to which Burk then said, ''Okay, well on the neck then,'' and then proceeded to grab him and plant a smooch on his neck, making him extremely ''uncomfortable.''

''TC never gave verbal consent or implicit consent to Burk to allow him to touch or kiss TC, or to make him think it was okay to do so,” the affidavit says.

Due to the situation, the flight attendant had to move to the back of the plane for the rest of the six-hour journey. Later, he was informed by a separate flight attendant that the passenger had damaged a tray that contained the food for the captain.

He later asked for two more glasses of red wine and became ''wasted'' before falling asleep, according to the affidavit.

When the plane touched down in Anchorage, Mr Burk was taken into custody by Airport Police. Upon questioning, he denied getting up to use the toilet, breaking a plate and planting the unwanted kiss. He, however, acknowledged drinking ''a lot'' before the flight.

The unruly passenger further denied consuming three glasses of red wine, saying he only drank the first one that TC served him and that he slept the rest of the flight.

The passenger was ultimately charged with interfering with flight crew members and making false statements before being released on his own recognizance. He is due back in court on April 27.