The tragedy happened at around 7pm last night. The son, 54, returned his home to find his father, 83, hanged himself with the curtain rope. He immediately cut off the rope with a knife and laid down his father. He then entered the bedroom and found his mother, 85, unconscious lying on bed.

The son reported the event to the police at 7.13pm. The old couple were sent to Ruttonjee Hospital. The man and woman were certified dead at 7.46pm and 7.51pm respectively.

The couple had been married for over 60 years and were both owners of the apartment. The wife was diagnosed with chronic diseases ten years ago and was taken care of by her husband.

However the husband fell sick and became mobility impaired near the end of last year. He once mentioned that he worried he wouldn’t be capable of taking good care of his wife anymore.

They had a daughter and two sons. The son, who was at the scene, has taken a month leave and moved in to take care of them.

The family was in normal condition and there was no sound of fighting or arguing before the incident according to the neighbours.

During investigation, officers found out that there was a bruise mark on the neck of the woman. No blood or trace of fighting or struggling is found. Officers also discovered the will notes left by the couple, in which they had spoke of committing suicide and their after-death arrangements.

The cause of death for the deceased will require further examination by forensic.