The daughter said her mother suffered from colon cancer and passed away on Sunday. She recalled seeing her mother's backpack by her bedside on that day.

The 24-year-old later received a call from a nurse, asking her how they should handle her mother's belongings, including her clothes and diapers. The daughter replied that they can throw away the clothes. However, she said the nurse never mentioned anything about the backpack.

On the following day, the 24-year-old failed to find the backpack when she was pack her mother's belongings at the hospital. She said the backpack contains her mother's wallet, cell phone, debit cards, and some photos.

The hospital said the nurse told the ward aide to clean the room after being approved by the duaghter, and that the nurse might have failed to realise that the backpack was in the room.

The daughter eventually called the police, as she did not accept the hospital's explanation.

The case is now classified as theft and no arrest has been made.