Dancer's wish - learn how to walk again

Mirror concert dancer Mo Lee Kai-yin will have his urinary catheter removed soon, taking a big step before learning to walk again, according to the latest letter by his father.

The father, Derek Li Shing-lam, thanked the medical team for their patience in taking care of Mo after he was severely injured during a Mirror concert accident.

"We are thankful to have our Christian fellow sharing medical knowledge that the treatment had come to the final stage," he said, adding that Mo is now scheduled to receive exoskeleton treatment.

He said that Mo wishes to learn how to walk again.

"I am gonna relearn how to walk, may God strengthen up my muscles and open up the pathway for me," he quoted Mo as saying.

Li said that Mo will have his urinary catheter removed soon, giving Mo more room to move while wearing the exoskeleton and reducing urinary infections.

He hoped his son should have stable blood pressure during the treatment and asked for more prayers for the medical staff.

"The aim of writing a prayer letter is to gather prayers on Mo's recovery," Li said.

He mentioned the Labour Department's probes and 15 prosecutions against the main contractor of the Mirror concert, Engineering Impact, hoping the issue can draw attention to occupational and employee safety.

"I hope the prosecution can bring clearer and a more comprehensive supervision to performers in terms of occupational safety and employees' rights, and they should not be treated as inferiors," he said.

On July 28 last year a giant screen fell during a Mirror concert, injuring 28-year-old Lee - who is in danger of being paralyzed from the neck down - and two other dancers, Chang Tsz-fung and Zisac Law Tak-chi.

Three employees of Engineering Impact - managers Ng Hoi-ying, 41, and Joseph Leung Yiu-cho, 48, and technical coordinator Lam Chi-wah, 60 - will stand trial on March 30 on conspiracy to defraud charges of falsifying equipment data to get approval.

The prosecution is planning to transfer the case to the District Court.