The three beauty salon chains are About Beauty, Dr.Protalk and Top Comfort.

The Consumer Council has also received 167 complaints so far, involved over HK$6 million. The council added most cases involved the beauty salon About Beauty.

Each case involve about HK$36,200 on average, according to the council.

Customs said it is highly concerned of the incident, and officers have been mobilized to contact affected citizens as well as to offer help and initiate investigation.

It pointed out the department is now keeping close communication with the Consumer Council and will take resolute actions if finding merchants violating the Trade Description Ordinance.

The council on the other hand said it is now trying to contact the person in charge of About Beauty, hoping relevant personnel will clarify the circumstances as soon as possible.

The council also reminded customers to keep relevant receipts or service records when pursuing the matter in the future.

Bonjour Holdings has filed a writ to High Court last month to recover an interest-free loan of nearly HK$195 million from the company's current director and former major shareholder Wilson Ip Chun-heng.

The group also said that it was not involved in the operations of the three chains, as the chains ceased to be part of the company in 2015.