It is the first time where customs seized a racing newspaper with forged trademarks on it.

Officers earlier received intelligence that a publisher has been publishing a racing newspaper that bears forged trademarks, triggering an investigation.

Customs then raided the publisher's office in Wan Chai and a printing factory in Tai Po yesterday, seizing a batch of racing newspaper copies. The trademark owner also provided assistance and helped identify the forged trademarks.

Three men and a woman aged 37 to 57 were arrested in the operation. Three were the directors of the publisher and the printing factory, while another was the editor of the papers.

The investigation is ongoing and the four arrested persons have been released on bail.

Senior inspector Chau Hoi-man said the racing newspaper with forged trademarks was available for sale in the city, adding that the four arrested persons broke the law as they used the trademarks without the authorization of the trademark owner.

Under the Trade Descriptions Ordinance, any person who sells or possesses any goods with forged trademark applied for sale commits an offense. The maximum penalty upon conviction carries a fine of HK$500,000 and five-year imprisonment.