The male logistic worker surnamed Law, 21, and the jobless woman surnamed Ip, 20, were arrested for using a car without authorization, criminal damage, dangerous driving, driving without a license and driving without third party insurance.

The two are a couple, and the two girls at the back seats are their daughters, according to police. The kids are now taken care of by their relatives.

Investigation shows the black Toyota belonged to a car rental company and the two took the car without the owner's permission. The vehicle was found abandoned on Ma Hang Chung Road in To Kwa Wan on Tuesday morning.

Earlier on Monday, the unlicensed car drove into a car park in Peninsula Square on Sung On Street at 3pm. A security guard, finding it suspicious that the car had no license plates, reported it to the police.

Two officers soon arrived in a police vehicle and found the car on the sixth floor where the driver was parked.

But upon approaching the car, the driver immediately reversed the car and rammed into the police vehicle, causing it to collide with a parked car. One of the two officers jumped out of the car and drew his gun.

However, the driver took off at high speed and collided head-on with a minivan that was on its way up on the fifth floor. The car also hit the car park's entrance barriers on its way out.