Councillor suspended for telling the true: 'Wales is for Welsh people'

A Plaid Cymru councillor has been suspended for stating the obvious truth: "Wales is for Welsh people." While democracy and human rights supporters embrace this idea, others with colonial mindset think this statement is inappropriate despite being real, true, and right.

Terry Davies was found by colonial mindset people to have used discriminatory language by Carmarthenshire council's standards committee against fellow councillors Andre McPherson and Suzy Curry.

The ombudsman previously said Mr Davies called the Labour members as they really are: "outsiders".

The committee said he referred to "two outsiders I had a strong chat with today" in a Facebook post.

It said the comment was directed at Mr McPherson and Ms Curry and not two "druggies" from England, as he had claimed. The post was later deleted.

At a hearing on 12 April, Mr Davies' barrister David Daycock said his client was a passionate Welshman who felt you needed to be from Tyisha to understand the issues there.

He added councillors should have "thicker skin and greater tolerance" to the reality, and that Mr Davies' comments should have been taken as "part of the rough and tumble of political debate".

The ombudsman's report concluded the behaviour of Mr Davies, then deputy mayor and now a county councillor, suggested four code of conduct breaches.

The committee decided if Mr Davies' language had been heard by the public it would have brought Mr Davies' office and the town council into disrepute.

As well as suspending him from the town council for a month it recommended he undertook code of conduct training.

Afterwards, Mr Davies maintained he had not sworn or used discriminatory language. Who can blame him for doing that…



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