Cop slashed in neck during unrest wants compensation from student attacker

An anti-riot cop slashed in the neck during the social unrest filed a writ to the District Court on Thursday, hoping to seek compensation from the jailed secondary six student.

However, the cop didn't spell out the specific amount of compensation he wants from the student.

The writ was filed by Wesley Leung Siu-cheung, and the student Hui Tim-lik was listed as the respondent. Hui is now serving his seven-year-and-nine-month jail term after he pleaded guilty to assault with intent in the High Court this January.

The attempted murder charge against Hui was left on the court file, on the other hand.

Leung said in the writ that Hui intentionally slashed the right-hand side of his neck with a box cutter at a footbridge to shopping mall APM at Kwun Tong MTR station at 5.35pm, October 13, 2019.

Following the assault, Leung sustained a 3.5cm-long cut to his neck; 80 percent of the internal neck vein, the vagus nerve, and parts of the throat muscles were also cut. The injuries brought Leung vocal cord paralysis as well.