Cop knifed during unrest seeks compensation from police chief

An off-duty cop – assaulted by three masked men when leaving Kwai Chung Police Station one summer day in 2019 – filed a writ to the High Court on Monday against the Police Commissioner for negligence towards employees and sought compensation.

Yet, the claimant Ho Yiu-wai didn't specify the amount of compensation he was looking for. The hearing has been scheduled for February 3 next year, according to the judiciary's website.

Ho said in the writ that on August 30, 2019, at the peak of the social unrest, he was assaulted by three masked men at the bus stop opposite the police station and sustained multiple knife wounds to his body.

Ho believed the three attackers held grudges against the police because of the social unrest. He then asked the police chief for compensation for negligence towards employees and violating his legal duties of protecting employees' safety as an employer.

According to records, Ho was a police constable posted to the station's armory at that time. He sustained injuries to his arms, back, and shoulders due to the attack, which occurred as he completed his shift and left the station.

Ho was later admitted to Princess Margaret Hospital and was paid a visit by then-Police Commissioner Stephen Lo Wai-chung.

Lo, at that time, said he was saddened and enraged by the daring assault and condemned the three attackers. Police also issued a HK$600,000 bounty for the trio, but the case remains unsolved to this date.