Congressman George Santos Ordered to Reveal Identity of Bail Guarantors on Fraud Charges

George Santos, a Republican congressman from New York, has been ordered to reveal the identities of three people who guaranteed his $500,000 bond on fraud charges.

Santos's lawyer claimed that identifying the guarantors would put their safety at risk, but the judge said that Santos had until Friday to appeal the order.

Santos has pleaded not guilty to multiple charges of fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds, and making false statements.

The New York Times and other news outlets have sought to identify the bail guarantors, arguing that they should be identified as they had the potential to exert political influence over a congressman.

Santos has admitted to embellishing his résumé and has denied accusations of wrongdoing, including alleged schemes involving stolen cheques and puppies, and allegations of sexual harassment from a former aide.

Santos has been a key figure in Republicans' slim House majority and has repeatedly said he will not resign.



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