Concert injury probe 'has brought justice' for dancer

The pastor father of seriously injured Mirror dancer Mo Lee Kai-yin said the government's inquiry report has brought justice for his son, dancers, and people affected by an incident during a concert by the boyband.

In his latest prayer letter on Saturday, the father, David Li Shing-lam, said the government task force's report is a step closer to the truth.

He also thanked concert organizers Makerville and Music Nation, which had said they would continue to pay the medical bills for the injured dancers, which also include Chang Tsz-fung and Zisac Law Tak-chi.

"Kai-yin has been adapting to a new way of swallowing food, and his condition has turned stable. We, as his parents, can now have a short respite," he wrote.

"Please continue to pray for Kai-yin that he can change his position regularly as it's only simple for those who were not injured," Li said.

"He also has to change his position frequently to prevent bed sores, and every night, he can only sleep after medical staff helps him adjust his position and brushes his teeth."

Mo is seeing a new phase of treatment, Li said, with the family looking for the most suitable ward, and the hope is that Mo is physically up to the treatment ahead.

He also said Mo has seen a slight recovery of his nerves.

Mo is in danger of being paralyzed from the neck down after the incident on July 28 that saw a giant television screen fell during a concert by the boyband Mirror at Hong Kong Coliseum.

All five suspects arrested in connection with the incident were granted bail on Saturday.

The five - four men and a woman - work for the main contractor and a stage engineering company.

They were arrested on Friday as the government task force announced their probe results on the incident.

Four are suspected of fraud and allowing objects to fall from height, while the fifth was arrested on suspicion only of the latter offense.