Indigenous Groups Arrive in Colombia to Help in Search for Missing Children

A group of indigenous people from the Murui and Siona ethnic groups, along with Coreguajes from Caqueta department, have arrived at the San Jose del Guaviare airport in Colombia to join the search for four missing children who were on a plane that crashed in the jungle on May 1.

The children belong to the Huitoto indigenous group, and their mother and the other adults on board the plane died in the crash.

Items belonging to the siblings, who are aged between 11 months and 13 years, have been found in two different locations in the rainforest.

Search teams have found a child's drinking bottle, a pair of scissors and a hair tie, as well as what appeared to be a makeshift shelter made from branches and a half-eaten passion fruit.

Despite more than 100 soldiers combing the jungle, no further traces were found until the early hours of Wednesday.

The latest items were spotted by an indigenous woman some 500m (1,640ft) from the crash site.

She found a dirty nappy, a green towel and shoes, which judging by their size are thought to belong to the second youngest of the missing siblings, who is four years old.

The nappy is believed to have been worn by the 11-month-old baby.

The latest traces are further indication that the four siblings survived the plane crash.

But it is unclear if they are still alive.



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