Crypto giant Coinbase is now looking to start its own media operations. To aid in its growth, the company is looking at hiring an editor from one of the top media houses.

Cryptocurrency-focused media houses have been in operation for at least the past two to three years now. Active interations on these websites, however, have only recently started picking up. Rivals such as The Block, CoinDesk and Blockworks already have their own media operations with journalists from top media houses leading the charge.

The idea behind setting up an editorial team would be to drive narratives towards specific cryptos and exchanges. According to the report in Axios, Coinbase is looking at hiring a top crypto journalist as well. According to their sources, the media operation will act more as a marketing tool to draw more people towards their exchange.

Moneycontrol could not independently verify the report.

The report states that the idea is still in its infancy. With roughly 30 in-house members, the company is looking to create content that will target not only retail but also institutional investors.

While their sources state that Coinbase is still looking for a VP Content and Editorial to lead the team, they will report to the marketing team unlike a traditional media house, the report says.

The operation would be led by a VP Content & Editorial, which the company is still searching for, sources revealed to the publication. The company plans to create content to draw more people to its platform.

When Axios approached Coinbase, it refused to comment.