Citizens turn to service centers for switching consumption voucher-receiving platform

Hong Kong citizens turn to service centers to switch the online payment platform used for collecting consumption vouchers. Some abandoned Octopus as it has to be collected in three phases.

The second batch of HK$5,000 vouchers will be distributed on August 7. Citizens could register online or apply for change payment platforms starting from Thursday. They may also choose to go to any of the temporary service centers for the procedures.

At one of the centers in Mong Kok, some citizens said that their original payment platform was not accepted by some merchants, so they were applying for a switch.

A citizen who intends to switch from Octopus to Alipay Hong Kong said he had not received the last HK$1,000 of the first batch. "I thought Octopus would be more convenient, but it's not."

Another citizen surnamed Lee, who was also planning to switch from Octopus to Alipay, found the three-phase distribution troublesome. He was planning to buy a cell phone, but the HK$3,000 cap on Octopus made it problematic when buying products that cost more than that.

He was worried about the switching process so he came to Mong Kok for professional assistance.

A non-permanent resident said she was happy to get her hands on the consumption vouchers this time. She said the entire HK$5,000 would be spent on children, including tutoring fees, adding that she was afraid of making mistakes in the online application process, so turned to the center for help.

Eight temporary service centers across the city will provide services from 9 am to 6 pm (Monday to Saturday) and close on public holidays from 23 June to 23 July 2022. To avoid waiting, people can make an appointment with the centers in advance by calling the Scheme hotline 185000.

Separately, BoC Pay said earlier that it would offer HK$100 for those who collect their vouchers via the platform with up to HK$15,000 merchant offers for spending at 70,000 local online and physical merchant outlets in Hong Kong.

Citizens collecting their vouchers via BoC Pay could enjoy purchases with McDonald's, Maxim's, Arome Bakery, Starbucks, Eslite Bookstore, and Watsons at up to 40 percent off.