Citizen sues Secretary for Justice for injury by police during 2019 protest

A citizen claimed to have been injured by an assault of the police force in a 2019 protest, filing a civil claim to the District Court on Wednesday (August 31) to ask for compensation from the Secretary for Justice.

Chu Chi-yan, the plaintiff, said in a statement that he was injured in a protest in Prince Edward on September 2, 2019, when an unauthorized rally descended into chaos that spread around the Mong Kok Division Police Station.

According to Chu, he was passing by the area when protesters gathered to set up roadblocks.

He declared he was assaulted and sustained an injury caused by police negligence when they hurled tear gas canisters in an attempt to arrest the protestors.

In his claim, Chu sued the Secretary for Justice as the defendant and asked the Hong Kong government to pay compensation for his personal injury.

However, he didn’t provide the assessing identification of his body injury nor the specific amount of the compensation.