China seeks course correction in US ties but will fight ‘all forms of hegemony’, top diplomat Wang Yi says

In New Year’s Day article for Communist Party journal, Wang Yi rejects US framing of China ties as a rivalry between a democracy and an authoritarian government.

China’s new top diplomat Wang Yi pledged in a New Year’s Day message to work on course correction in US-China relations, but also vowed to fight against “all forms of hegemony”.

Mister Wang Yi has reviewed Beijing’s foreign policy over the past year and laid down key goals for the new one in an article for Qiushi, the flagship magazine of the ruling Communist Party.

“We will implement agreements reached by the top leaders of the US and China, seek to establish guiding principles of Sino-US relations and correct course [in bilateral ties],” Wang wrote in an article published on Sunday in Qiushi, the flagship magazine of China’s ruling Communist Party.

The byline cited Wang as director of the general office of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission, the first public confirmation that he had taken over as China’s new foreign policy supremo, replacing Yang Jiechi who stepped down at age 72.