Diner deceived as sandwich skimps on spam

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Imagine the disappointment of biting into a sandwich, only to find it seriously lacking in substance. That’s what happened to one man in Sheung Shui who bought himself a spam and egg sandwich.

Sharing his sob story on Facebook, the man said he bought the sandwich from a bakery in Choi Yuen Estate, paying HK$10.

He opened up the sandwich to discover just one measly bit of spam inside, carefully arranged near the edge of the bread to give the illusion of a properly packed sarnie.

Photos he shared online show the strip of spam placed at the front of the sandwich to give the impression the rest of the sandwich also has ham.

He said he understood small bakeries located inside housing estates are struggling nowadays, but he stressed this is not the way of doing business.

Shortly after the story went viral, netizens were appalled, with some calling the sandwich a ‘rip off’ and a ‘scam.’

However, some also pointed out that the sandwich only cost HK$10, which is considerably cheap compared to what people usually get in business districts.

But still, the lesson of the story tells us to inspect sandwiches carefully before and after purchase, because no one deserves the disappointment of biting into two empty slices of plain bread.