"Cellebrite empowers law enforcement agencies and enterprises to make our communities safer by providing solutions that help lawfully acquire digital evidence in criminal investigations and civil proceedings," said Yossi Carmil, CEO of Cellebrite.

"As part of our standard business operations, we regularly review and update our compliance policies to ensure we operate according to accepted international rules and regulations."

About Cellebrite

Cellebrite is the global leader of Digital Intelligence solutions for law enforcement, government and enterprise organizations. Cellebrite delivers an extensive suite of innovative software solutions, analytic tools, and training designed to accelerate digital investigations and address the growing complexity of handling crime and security challenges in the digital era.

Trusted by thousands of leading agencies and companies in more than 150 countries, Cellebrite is helping fulfill the joint mission of creating a safer world. To learn more visit us at www.cellebrite.com or follow us on Twitter @Cellebrite_UFED.

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