Cathay, HK Express cancels more flights, aims normal operation in April

Cathay Pacific and HK Express have canceled more flights on the Hong Kong-Japan route in view of limitations imposed by the Japanese government.

Cathay Pacific shared a statement on its website on Monday saying it can only operate 72 flights per week into Japan, which is 13-15 flights per week less than what was originally planned and approved by the regulatory authorities for February to March 2023.

A total of 210 flights in February and March has to be canceled due to the limitations, according to the airliner.

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong-based airline said they anticipate minimal disruption to the flight schedule in April and May as the total number of flights originally planned for the period is similar to the maximum number of flights that they are permitted to operate by the Japanese authorities.

For more details about refunds and rescheduling, visit Cathay Pacific’s website.

Separately, HK Express also canceled 96 flights from March 3 to 30, adding it could only operate 74 flights per week into Japan, which is 20-22 less than the original allowance.

Visit HK Express’ website to know more about the cancellations.