Chow originally worked as a DJ and was appointed as the Assistant Director of RTHK in September 2020.

Besides, Natalie Chan Chun-lok, the original Controller for TV, is now the Acting Assistant Director for TV & corporate businesses, according to the government telephone directory.

Yet the length of her term is still unknown.

Jimson Chan Chi-fai and Wilma Wong Wai-yin from the Communications Authority have been appointed as manager and assistant manager for special support. They both assume office today.

Chan and Wong originally served as the Principal Entertainment Standards Control Officer for content regulation, and Entertainment Standards Control Officer for content regulation respectively.

Many human resources arrangements followed the commencement of the new Director of Broadcasting Patrick Li Pak-chuen, as well as programming issues. It is understood that programmes including “This Week” and “This Morning” will be cancelled.

“Hong Kong Connection” and “LegCo Review” on the other hand are expected to survive the cut.