Boris Johnson visited RAF Coningsby as Tories vote on his replacement

Some say the Tory top gun is planning a comeback, as maverick creates Bush-style photo opportunity

His premiership may have been grounded and his status as Tory top gun soon to be erased, but Boris Johnson sought to underline his standing as the maverick of British politics last week with a visit to RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire.

Donning flying overalls reminiscent of those worn by President George W Bush ahead of his infamous “mission accomplished” speech in 2003, Johnson looked the part as he was given a demonstration of a Typhoon fighter jet.

With the Tory leadership race descending into bitter infighting, some believe Johnson is already considering a comeback, though party critics predict it would be a somewhat less successful reboot than Tom Cruise’s recent return as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.

The pictures, released this weekend by Johnson’s taxpayer-funded photographer, were actually taken on Thursday, as Tory MPs were casting their votes to find out who should replace him in Downing Street.

The current prime minister was actually in somewhat more serene surroundings yesterday, relaxing at his Chequers country retreat. He has one last summer to make use of the grace-and-favour property before giving it up to his successor. Insiders said drinks were planned on Sunday for those who supported his leadership, though No 10 sources said that no taxpayers’ money was being spent on the gathering.
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