Beijing’s Hong Kong office hits back at Western envoys over posts marking crackdown

Office of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Commissioner in Hong Kong expresses ‘strong disapproval and firm opposition’ in letter sent to one of the consulates.

Beijing’s foreign ministry office in Hong Kong has made “solemn representations” to several Western consulates a day after they defied its appeal not to openly comment on the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown, the Post has learned.

Despite the central government’s appeal to refrain from commenting on the incident, the consulates of the United States and Finland, as well as the European Union, placed lighted candles by the windows of their Hong Kong offices on Saturday to mark the June 4 crackdown in Beijing 33 years ago, and uploaded the pictures on their social media pages.

The Canadian and Australian consulates also posted messages to mark the event, with some EU member states sharing the post from Brussels.