In a document sent to legislators, the government said the amendment bill for the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance will be gazetted on Friday. The first and second reading of the bill will begin on July 21.

The bill proposed that a person commits an offence if the person discloses any personal data of a data subject without the data subject’s consent, with an intent to threaten, intimidate or harass the data subject or any immediate family member.

It proposed that the maximum penalty for a person who contravenes the offence on conviction on indictment carries a HK$1 million fine and five-year imprisonment.

For a person who contravenes the offence on summary conviction, the maximum penalty carries a HK$100,000 fine and two-year imprisonment.

The amendment bill also proposed to empower the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data to carry out criminal investigation and initiate prosecution, and to remove relevant doxxing information.