Another tropical cyclone predicted for next week

Hong Kong Observatory expects another tropical cyclone to develop next week, but its track and intensity remain unknown.

The observatory said an area of low pressure over the coast of Guangdong will bring squally showers and thunderstorms to southern China in the next couple of days. With the area of low pressure departing, showers will lessen over Guangdong on Sunday and Monday.

Another area of low pressure is expected to bring unsettled weather to the South China Sea early to midweek next week. It may develop into a tropical cyclone, but there are uncertainties about its track and intensity.

The temperature on Friday will range between 26 and 29 degrees, with the weather being cloudy with squally showers and thunderstorms.

There will be showers and thunderstorms in the next couple of days. Showers will be heavy at times tomorrow before lessening and seeing in sunny intervals on Sunday and Monday.