Allegedly drunk man smashes glass bus door in Wan Chai

Passengers were shocked on Wednesday morning after the glass door of a route 914 bus was smashed by an allegedly drunk man as it was traveling along Hennessy Road in Wan Chai.

The incident happened at around 6.40am as the bus was traveling westbound along Hennessy Road, having just departed a stop near CNT Tower.

It is understood that the man first approached the moving bus telling the driver to open the doors before beginning to bang on the door with his hands. The driver refused to open the doors as he did not know the man’s intention, and it was traveling in the middle lane.

Sources said the man then grabbed a plastic basket nearby and started slamming it on the door, which eventually broke the glass. The man fled the scene after smashing the glass door.

The driver and five passengers on board were unharmed, while police have classified the case as criminal damage.

A security guard told reporters that the drunk man had been loitering on the sidewalk prior to the incident and had banged on the windows of vehicles that drove by.