The move has reportedly ‘sparked panic’ among the rich and famous who were on board, according to The Mirror.

Denise George, the Attorney General for the US Virgin Islands, where Epstien’s infamous island was located, has ordered the logs for Epstein’s four helicopters and three planes from 1998 to his death last year.

In 2009 Pilot David Rodgers provided a record of people who had travelled on the ‘Lolita express’, which included Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey and Naomi Campbell.

Lawyers have asked for new flight records because the names given 11 years ago did not include flights made by Epstein’s chief pilot Larry Visoski.

Little Saint James has previously been dubbed ‘Pedophile Island’ and ‘Epstein Island’ because of all the abuse that underage girls experienced there.

Many stars and politicians have been said to have visited the island, although most of them deny it, including Bill Clinton, actor Kevin Spacey, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, supermodel Naomi Campbell, Bill Gates and others.

Attorney General Denise George has filed a lawsuit against Epstein’s estate alleging 22 counts, including charges of aggravated rape, child abuse and neglect, human trafficking, forced labour and prostitution.

Ms George is also asking pilots to come forward with any complaints, reports or personal notes they made about ‘potentially suspicious conduct’.

The subpoena also demands the names and contact details of anyone who worked on the planes or had any encounter with Epstein or other passengers associated with the pedophile.