On Saturday, Fong led a delegation of swimmers from St Joseph's College to finish a 45-kilometer circumnavigation to raise over HK$15 million for the school's redevelopment.

Part of the money raised will be donated to the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Charity Foundation, which will sponsor children from low income families and children with special needs to learn swimming and other water sports.

The team also included elite athletes such as Chan Pak-hin and Chan Yin-ban. They finished the circuit in a relay, clocking in a total of 8 hours, 30 minutes and 40.75 seconds.

It was faster than when Fong finished the feat alone in 10 hours 43 minutes back in 2019. He helped raise over HK$7.7 million for charity.

At that time, he had broken a record set by British swimmer Simon Holliday in November 2017.