“They need to line up ev1 [sic] of them and put a bullet in their skull for treason,” Scott Walden posted from his Facebook account Thursday. He quit as captain of the police force the next day.

The Flomaton Police Department announced Thursday it was investigating a social media comment made by a member of its force, and the following day it said that person was no longer an employee.

Flomaton Mayor Dewey Bondurant subsequently confirmed the police captain resigned Friday morning.
“I am glad he resigned, but I would have fired him because what he did was wrong,” Mr. Bondurant told a local NBC affiliate.

“For a police officer to say he should shoot someone in the head, that is unacceptable. You cannot tolerate that, you just can’t,” Mr. Bondurant added.

Mr. Walden has deactivated his Facebook and could not immediately be reached for comment.