Age limit for Sinovac jab lowered to six months

The SAR government on Tuesday announced that the Secretary for Food & Health has approved extending the age eligibility of the Sinovac vaccine to children as young as six months.

The government’s expert vaccine panel had earlier suggested the government allow children aged between six months and 3 years old to receive the same dosage as adults if they are taking the Sinovac vaccine.

The government statement noted that the Sinovac jabs children received will be treated as off-label use, with children able to receive a maximum of three doses - the same as adults.

The statement added that authorities will announce details of children’s vaccination within this week.

As for the BioNTech vaccines, experts have earlier said it is safe for use in children, suggesting children take one-tenth of the regular dosage.

The statement read that authorities are currently procuring the children’s version of the BioNTech vaccine.