The City of London hosted a community clean-up day on Saturday as part of National Clean-Up dAY

“A way to remind people that it takes a lot of people to keep things clean and tidy, and we’re doing our part to promote it within our community," said Director of Tourism for the City of London, Chris Robinson.

The city has hosted clean-up days for four years. At least 50 people registered to volunteer.

“It’s a great day, and it’s helping people do their part to keep their community clean," added Robinson.

Community member Donna Gregorich volunteered on Saturday to help keep her community clean.

“We take pride where we live, and this is just a direct example of that people taking their Saturday morning and making sure that we don’t have cans, and bottles, and papers, and masks, and gloves all over our city," said Gregorich.

Will McCowan also spent his Saturday morning pulling weeds around Main Street, helping to make a change in his city.

“I’ve always had a good life here, and I just wanted to make sure that, you know, I reflect back on that and give back to the city," said McCowan.