One of the biggest changes to our day-to-day lives is the fact that we can no longer meet up indoors with people from another household.

This means no meeting up at cosy pubs or restaurants with friends and family, a real mainstay of Autumn in the capital.

However, it's still important to remember that the rule of 6 still applies - so even outdoors you can't meet up in a group of more than six people.

Despite the strict measures your social life doesn't have to disappear.

Here a seven ways to see your loved ones without breaking the rules.

1. Meet up in pub gardens

The rules about meeting up with other households only applies indoors.

Luckily many pubs have beer gardens or terraces so you can still see your friends.

This is London and you're never going to be far from a boozer so do your research, book a table to be safe and head down there for a drink.

2. Get more warm clothes

As they say: "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad equipment".

It sounds like an obvious one but it will mean those outdoor pursuits go all the easier.

Sitting in the cold for a long period of time is doable when you've got that extra woollen jumper and two pairs of long-johns on.

3. Hang out in your or a friend's garden

The party doesn't have to stop if you've got some outdoor space at home.

If you haven't got a garden, head round a friend's who does.

4. Restaurants with outdoor seating

Seating outside bars and restaurants in Soho

With social distancing measures almost impossible in the capitals smaller restaurants, many have spilled out into the streets to keep business up.

If you head down to Soho you'll see it looking like a Italian piazza, albeit with more rain and cold.

Still there are umbrellas to keep you dry, heaters to keep you warm and the delicious food to make it a great night out.

5. Setup a gazebo outside

As the weather turns, meeting up outside might seem less and less appealing but you can still protect yourself against the elements.

Cheap gazebos are available online and if you keep the sides open it won't break lockdown rules.

Then you can meet up to five other people from different households in shelter.

6. Long autumnal walks

We live in an amazingly green city and autumn is a great time to see it.

Catch the trees turn on one of the many long walks you can take through the city.

There is plenty of lovely walks through nature in this city

7. Get yourself a fire pit

While many parks will have by-laws that prevent fires being lit, this doesn't apply on private property.

In the comfort of your (or a friend's) garden you are allowed to have a small fire as long as it doesn't disturb the neighbours.

It will keep you warm and is an all round great thing to sit around.