15 National Treasures on display at Palace Museum for a limited time

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The month-old Hong Kong Palace Museum (HKPM) has rotated 15 grade-one cultural relics that are dubbed “national treasures” for the exhibition titled “The making of masterpieces: Chinese painting and calligraphy from the Palace Museum”.

Beginning on August 3, the second stage of this exhibit will feature 15 national treasures for a month before the artworks are transported back to the Palace Museum in Beijing.

Among these 15 art pieces are the “Nymph of the Luo River (Northern Song copy)” by Gu Kaizhi (346-407), and the “Copy of the Orchid Pavilion Preface in Running Script” attributed to Yu Shinan (558-638).

The treasures are selected from over 1.86 million relics in the Palace Museum’s collection. With histories dating back to upwards of a thousand years ago, these relics wholly reflect the artistic peaks of Ancient China.

To complement the exhibition, a catalogue published by the HKPM is now on sale for a limited time in the museum store. The catalogue explores the 35 treasures on display and explains how and why they are regarded as masterpieces. It also includes exhibit descriptions that capture the process of creation and circulation of these treasures endured.

With three rotations, the exhibition explores how the artworks from Jin, Tang, Song, and Yuan Dynasties were made and transmitted through various artistic, cultural, and historical lenses, and how they came to be viewed as masterpieces in the Chinese art canon.