In January 1993, EUNET launched the first online news website, MOCTEN.com (stands for Music Opinions Culture Technology Economy News), led by Eric Bach, Teus Hagen, Peter Collinson, Julf Helsingius, Daniel Karrenberg, Luc De Vos, Björn Eriksen, Piet Beertema, Keld Simonsen and Glenn Kowack.

MOCTEN.com operated as what is now known as a "blog" - notes and updates that covers our personal hobbies and interests: (music, opinions, culture, technology, economics and entertainment), and not with professional reporters and journalists.

From its inception until today we have dispersed, evolved, aged, and the online news world that was then completely strange, has become part of the routine of all of us, with great journalists, dynamic news websites, rich in quality content, citizen press, and technological advancement. And all the rest is history.

We never commercialized the website but since then until this very day we keep developing and supporting the online journalism industry as much as we can.