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Angela Merkel

Germany's Olaf Scholz pushes for stronger EU, issues warning to Russia

On the cusp of taking the reins from Angela Merkel, incoming Chancellor Olaf Scholz has sent a strong signal about where his government's foreign policy priorities lie. DW has rounded up the most important points.

German husband kills himself, his family after faking jab certificate

Police found two adults, both 40, and three children aged four, eight and 10 dead from gunshot wounds in a family home in Koenigs Wusterhausen south of Berlin on Saturday.

Chancellor Merkel: Germany Should Engage With Taliban

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Sunday the country should engage with the Taliban to help evacuate Afghans who have worked for Germany.

New book explains why the mainstream right is doomed

‘Riding the Populist Wave’ shows how the far right is dictating the counter-argument to progressives in areas such as immigration and EU integration – with the result that the mainstream right is now facing an existential crisis.

Le Pen: The right takes step to build 'big European force'

The leaders of European right-wing populist parties say they will cooperate more closely at the European Union’s parliament in order to defend the sovereignty of their nations

Le Pen: The right takes step to build 'big European force'

European right-wing populist leaders declared Saturday they will cooperate more closely at the European Union's parliament in order to defend the sovereignty of their bloc's 27 member nations.

Germany locks down unvaccinated people, as leaders plan to make shots compulsory

Germany on Thursday announced a nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated, as its leaders backed plans for mandatory vaccinations in the coming months.

Olaf Scholz wants mandatory coronavirus vaccination for Germans by February

Incoming German Chancellor ‘signaled his sympathy for such a regulation,’ official says.

German parties to unveil deal for post-Merkel government

A centre-left-led alliance of parties is poised Wednesday to announce a deal to form Germany's new government, putting the Social Democrats (SPD) in charge for the first time in 16 years.

Polish PM to meet Germany's Merkel and Britain's Johnson, says Polish deputy minister

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki will meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday, Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz told Reuters.

Germany's incoming government unveils plans to legalize cannabis and phase out coal

Three German political parties have sealed a deal for a new government, with left-leaning Olaf Scholz the proposed next chancellor following lengthy coalition negotiations and a historic election that sees Angela Merkel stepping down after 16 years at the helm.

Politicians accused of plagiarism in their academic theses

The Speaker of the Colombian Chamber of Deputies, Jennifer Arias, appears to have joined an exclusive but notorious club of global reach: the club of politicians who have been accused of plagiarizing her academic theses.

EU vows unity on Belarus as Poland flags more border incidents

Thousands of people stranded on the European Union's eastern border represent an attempt by Belarus to destabilize the bloc, rather than a migrant crisis, and as such call for a coordinated response, the head of EU executive said on Tuesday.

US Issues 'Do Not Travel' COVID-19 Warning For Germany, Denmark

Earlier this month, the WHO said European countries must work harder to prevent the coronavirus spreading further as deaths and new cases surge.

Orban Walks Tightrope On China Ahead Of Hungarian Elections

Amid what might be close elections in which Budapest’s warm ties with China are at issue, Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government is suddenly trying not to appear overtly pro-Beijing.

Angela Merkel Urges Tougher Curbs To Battle Germany's 4th Covid Wave

Covid In Germany: Germany reported 30,643 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday and 62 deaths, with an incidence - the number of cases per 100,000 people over a week - of 386.5, a 15th consecutive day of record numbers.

'Jabbed, Cured Or Dead', Germany Warns As Europe Battles Covid Surge

Germans faced the stark warning on Monday that they would be either "vaccinated, cured or dead" from Covid by the end of winter, as Austria took the dramatic step of returning to a partial lockdown.

Belarus Says "Need No Confrontation" With Poland, Urges EU To Take Migrants

The European Union accuses Belarus of flying in thousands of people from the Middle East and pushing them to cross into the EU via Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

‘Crude racism’ fuelled by Tory rejection of multiculturalism, says Lord Parekh

Exclusive: Author of report that shaped New Labour race policy praises Azeem Rafiq’s courage for speaking out

Booster jabs for health-care staff, mask wearing to be compulsory

From Saturday, the wearing of a mask in enclosed spaces will be compulsory, Gergely Gulyas, the prime minister's chief of staff, told a regular government news briefing on Thursday. Gulyas also said Plans are also afoot for the same in state administration, he added.

Germans, Austrians line up for shots as COVID cases soar across Europe

Germans and Austrians are rushing to get vaccinated against the coronavirus as infections soar across Europe and governments impose restrictions on the unvaccinated, figures showed on Wednesday.

Germany may have been naive on China at first, Merkel says

Germany may at first have been naive in some areas of cooperation with China, but should not sever all connections in reaction to growing tensions, Chancellor Angela Merkel has told Reuters.

EU to send aid to migrants at Belarus border

The EU said on Wednesday it will send 700,000 euros worth of food, blankets and other aid to migrants at the Belarus border, after criticism it had done too little to help thousands of people trapped in frozen woods by an east-west feud.

Germany's Coalition-In-Waiting Caught Off Guard As Covid Fourth Wave Hits

In Bavaria, and the east German states of Thuringia and Saxony, the situation is reaching a critical point.