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Mark Zuckerberg

Why a nationalists’ alliance in the EU parliament is necessary

The leaders of Europe’s nationalist parties met in the Polish capital, Warsaw, on Saturday in an attempt to thrash out an agreement for greater co-operation.

Comments on "Human Intelligence in a Digital Age" - A brilliant Speech by MI6 Chief Richard Moore, and the neglected elephants in the room

Justified compliments about Mr. Moore's speech have been spread extensively and appropriately in the pages of many newspapers, but I would like to remark on precisely what I think was missing in the speech. Missing, not necessarily because it's something Mr. Moore does not know, but probably missing because Mr. Moore's job and duty is to reveal not even one percent of what he knows.

The author is not important. The content is.

Orbán: 13th month pension to arrive in Feb

The government decree ordering 13th month pensions to be paid out in February 2022 was signed on Tuesday, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a video published on Facebook.

Twitter's New CEO Parag Agrawal Got Nod From Jack Dorsey A Year Ago

Jack Dorsey's decision to step down as chief executive officer of Twitter caught investors and employees by surprise but the framework for his departure had been in place for more than a year.

Democrats' new minimum tax would target Facebook, Amazon, analysis shows

At least 70 of the largest companies in the U.S. could see higher tax bills under a new minimum levy that President Biden has endorsed in order to help fund his sweeping Build Back Better plan.

Guard tells of toxic and racist culture at G4S Gatwick immigration removal centre

Inquiry into events in 2017 hears how Brook House officers ‘radicalised’ into racists

How food influencers affect what we eat

It is hard to browse through social media without coming across a banquet's worth of mouth-watering posts, but do these actually alter your own food choices?

Is Squid Game the dawn of a TV revolution?

The South Korean series Squid Game became Netflix's most-watched show of all time in 2021. Its success could spark enormous changes in what we watch in 2022 and beyond.

Dramatic Day Reveals Details About the Parents of a School Shooting Suspect

In a tense arraignment Saturday morning, James and Jennifer Crumbley listened by videoconference from separate jail cells as they were charged with involuntary manslaughter in the fatal shootings of four Oxford High School students, who, police say, were gunned down by the couple’s 15-year-old son, Ethan.

Brazil's top court opens investigation into Bolsonaro for vaccines claim

Brazil's Supreme Court has ordered an investigation into President Jair Bolsonaro's false claim that people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 may have a higher risk of contracting AIDS.

Facebook ordered to sell GIF making service Giphy

The social media giant bought the GIF sharing service last year, but UK competition authorities said it would distort Britain's digital advertising market.

Apple announces the 2021 App Store Award winners and most downloaded apps of the year

Apple today released its anticipated annual list of the best apps and games of the year across iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch. This year, children’s app maker Toca Boca won iPhone App of the Year for “Toca Life World,” and Riot Games’ “League of Legends: Wild Rift” was the iPhone Game of the Year.

Justice minister: 'Increasingly aggressive sexual propaganda targeting children' must be curbed

"We insist on the need to curb the increasingly aggressive sexual propaganda targeting children," Justice Minister Judit Varga said on Thursday.

Human Intelligence in a Digital Age - an Eye Opening and Refreshing Speech by Richard Moore, Chief, Secret Intelligence Service

Richard Moore, Chief of the UK Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), makes his first public speech since taking up his role in October 2020. In a brilliant, refreshing and innovative speech, he talks about the seismic changes he sees in the world, specifically in the espionage environment.

The Hungarian 'tree commando' helping create a greener Budapest

Andras Gyorfi is leading a tree-planting initiative in Hungary's capital Budapest, bringing people together to change their environment through social media.

Sunshine and clouds

It's an old saying but not too clichéd – politics remains much like the weather. Thus when there are blue skies, harmony prevails, and then after various political storms, blue skies return again. This is much the case with today's relations between neighbours Ukraine and Hungary.

Szijjarto: '2021 best year in Hungarian-Russian relations'

Due to vaccine purchases and the long-term gas supply agreement, "it is not an exaggeration to say that 2021 was the most successful year" in Hungarian-Russian relations, Peter Szijjarto, Hungary's minister of foreign affairs and trade, wrote on Facebook after meeting his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Stockholm on Thursday.

Bell back with a bang for TST landmark's centenary

The Hong Kong Clock Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui is poised to ring the bell again after 71 years. To celebrate the centenary of the bell, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department will arrange to have it chime again at 6pm next Thursday.

Several EU states are pushing for new EU-wide data retention

The return of a legal requirement on data retention remains a controversial issue in the EU. The British civil rights organization Statewatch has now published the positions of seven member states, including Germany. The majority of them are therefore for a new legal obligation in the entire community for telecommunication companies, connection and location data to log again comprehensively and only more or less specifically.

EU court advisor wants scrapping of Hungary-Poland challenge

The top adviser to the European Union’s highest court on Thursday said that the principle of linking the bloc’s budget disbursements to respect for rule of law is compatible with the bloc's laws and that a challenge by Hungary and Poland should be dismissed.

TST clock tower to ring the bell again after 71 years

The Hong Kong Clock Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui is poised to ring the bell again after 71 years.

Cross-border campaigning for Hong Kong poll impossible: centrist hopefuls

The candidates say they have almost no chance of reaching Hongkongers over the border, pointing to short advance notice of the new voting scheme, pandemic restrictions and mainland censorship concerns.

Seven-month jail for man who made Fb post inciting assault of cops

One Facebook post which asked people to hit police officers has led to seven-month imprisonment for a 61-year-old jobless man.

Pub visitors want ‘The Black Bitch’ to stay

The Greene King chain has announced plans to rename a Scottish pub from “The Black Bitch” to “The Black Hound” in keeping with contemporary sensitivities, but locals say they don’t want to lose the historic name.