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Billionaire’s stake in BT faces security probe

The government is to examine French billionaire Patrick Drahi's increased stake in BT over national security concerns, the telecoms giant has said.

Elon Musk Sued By Twitter Shareholders For Stock Price Manipulation

The court filing said that Musk's disregard for securities laws demonstrates how one can flaunt the law and the tax code to build their wealth at the expense of the other Americans.

How does recycling work?

While the specifics of recycling vary around the globe, there are some common rules – and pervasive myths. Here's everything you ever wanted to know about it.

Why Gen Z workers are already so burned out

The youngest employees are already feeling pressured and exhausted – even in the earliest stages of their careers.

Texas Shooter Shared Plan On Facebook, Used AR-15 Rifle For Attack: Governor

Texas Shooting: Texas Governor said that gunman shared his plan--'I'm going to shoot an elementary school", on Facebook before arriving at the school.

Chinese takeover of UK's largest microchip producer faces national security review

A review of the reported £63m deal had been demanded by MPs while a former National Cyber Security Centre chief had warned it posed a greater threat to British interests than Huawei's involvement in the 5G network.

Passengers stranded as India airline hit by ransomware attack

India's SpiceJet airline said its systems faced an "attempted ransomware attack" on Tuesday, delaying flights and leaving many stranded at airports.

One of the most influential people of 2022: Andy Jassy, who led Amazon Web Services (AWS) since its inception in 2003

Moving computing into the cloud is one of the great functional transformations of technology in my lifetime. Andy Jassy, who led Amazon Web Services (AWS) since its inception in 2003, was a great leader in that transformation. With AWS, he built one of the world’s most successful businesses.


Elon Musk: “Tesla is building a hardcore litigation department where we directly initiate & execute lawsuits. The team will report directly to me.”

The Doers vs The Takers: Tesla is building a hardcore litigation department from where Tesla will directly initiate & execute lawsuits. Elon Musk is Looking for hardcore streetfighters, not white-shoe lawyers like Perkins or Cooley who thrive on corruption. Elon Musk promises that “There will be blood!”

California parents could soon sue for social media addiction

California could soon hold social media companies responsible for harming children who have become addicted to their products, permitting parents to sue platforms like Instagram and TikTok for up to $25,000 per violation under a bill that passed the state Assembly on Monday.

World Economic Forum Panelist Demands 'Recalibration' Of Free Speech.

Australian e Safety Commissioner Julie Inman called for a "recalibration" of free speech while speaking on a panel during the opening day of the World Economic Forum.

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg personally sued over massive Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal

The political consultancy was accused in 2018 of illegally harvesting the personal data of as many as 87 million Facebook users and Facebook has been the subject of a number of lawsuits - but this is the first time Zuckerberg is being sued personally.

‘Historic’ global tax deal on multinationals delayed until 2024

Some doubt the OECD-brokered agreement, which would levy more tax on the world’s largest firms, will ever be implemented

She thought a dark moment in her past was forgotten. Then she scanned her face online

Cher Scarlett, a software engineer, has a history of being misidentified by face-scanning technology, including one instance that may have surfaced a distant ancestor in a photo. So when she was introduced to an online facial-recognition tool she hadn't heard of, she wanted to see whether it would mistake photos of her mom or daughter for her.

NASA Accuses China Of Stealing Space Technology

NASA's Bill Nelson said: "Yeah, they're pretty good at stealing, And I think that's incumbent upon us to take cybersecurity very, very seriously."

Coin In Bitcoin Name Doesn't Make It Money: IMF Chief

IMF chief said crypto products may be offering faster services at a much lower cost and better inclusivity, but for that also there was a need to separate apples from bananas and regulation would be key there.

Facial recognition company Clearview AI fined £7.5m for illegally using images of Brits scraped from online

The company is accused of illegally scraping 20 billion images of people's faces from the web without their knowledge or permission, and then using them to form a global facial recognition database.

Elon Musk wants a 25% discount on his Twitter bid if 25% of Twitter's users are spam bots - are they?

The billionaire, who claims to be spending less than 5% of his time on the $44bn takeover, has made a number of comments in recent weeks criticising Twitter - and has clashed with its chief executive over how the bot count is established.

Zuckerberg sued by DC attorney general over Cambridge Analytica data scandal

Karl Racine accuses Facebook co-founder of direct knowledge of policies that allowed firm to gather data of millions of Americans

New Bluetooth hack can unlock your Tesla—and all kinds of other devices

All it takes to hijack Bluetooth-secured devices is custom code and $100 in hardware.