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Brazil’s President rejects lockdown despite 370,000 Covid deaths

Brazil has seen more than 370,000 deaths from Covid, one of the highest rates in the world. However the country’s President, Jair Bolsonaro, has refused to order a lockdown, to help control the pandemic.

AstraZeneca Could Have Vaccine Against South African Variant By End-2021: Report

AstraZeneca's Austria country manager, told the Kurier newspaper that studies, so far, indicating the existing AstraZeneca vaccine was less effective against the more infectious variant first documented in South Africa were "too small to draw final conclusions".

Amplify to launch 'clean living' ETF for new-age sensibilities: CEO

The clean living craze isn’t stopping at corporate America.

Over a year and $85bn later, US spies still don’t know ‘where, when or how’ Covid-19 hit the world – but it ‘could've been a lab’

The question of how SARS-CoV-2 came to wreak havoc on the planet is one many have asked but none, so far, have answered. The truth is out there, but the very people on the case could have every reason to ensure it doesn’t emerge.

U.S. to spend $1.7 billion tracking Covid variants as dangerous new strains make up half of all cases

The funds will be used to help improve the detection, monitoring and mitigation of "new and potentially dangerous strains," the White House said.

Covid infection rate is approaching highest level ever, WHO chief warns

The head of the World Health Organization said Friday that an alarming rise in Covid cases has pushed global infections toward their highest level in the pandemic.

Cruise line CEOs met with White House Covid team, pressed for U.S. sailings to resume, sources say

The cruise CEOs made their case in this week's meeting to replace the government's phased-in approach to sailings from U.S. ports, sources told CNBC.

US officials may need 2 weeks or more to determine if Johnson & Johnson's vaccine causes rare blood clots

The CDC still might not have enough data to evaluate a blood clot link by its Friday meeting, two senior health officials told Politico.

Photo of hug during pandemic named World Press Photo of the Year

A picture of a hug during the coronavirus pandemic has been named World Press Photo of the Year.

Trained Dogs Can Sniff Out Covid Positive Samples With 96% Accuracy

"This is not a simple thing we're asking the dogs to do," says Cynthia Otto, senior author on the work and director of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine Working Dog Center.

Double-Masking Can Be Potent To Protect People From Covid

The findings published in JAMA Internal Medicine also states that the reason for the enhanced filtration is not about adding too many layers of cloth but eliminating any gaps or poor-fitting areas of a mask.

COVID-19 Deaths Cross A Staggering 3 Million Globally

While some countries like Israel have benefited from mass inoculation efforts, others such as India are battling meteoric rises in infections.

All Covid symptoms you need to know about after four new ones detected in study

Experts say people in the UK should be vigilant for four more suspected coronavirus symptoms - - on top of the 'classic three' of a persistent cough, loss of sense of taste and smell, or fever

Eating cheese and red wine can reduce your risk of Alzheimer's, study claims

Researchers from Iowa State University have revealed that drinking red wine and eating cheese can help to reduce cognitive decline

Pregnant women who take paracetamol 'likely to have child with behaviour issues'

Researchers from the University of Bristol have found that women who take paracetamol during pregnancy are more likely to have a child with behavioural issues

Pfizer CEO says third COVID jab 'likely' needed within 12 months

Authorities in the US and the EU have already started planning for such an eventuality.

China's Coronavac 80% Effective At Preventing Covid Deaths: Chile Results

"These figures should convey peace of mind to the country," Health Minister Enrique Paris told journalists as he announced the outcome of two months' of vaccination in Chile, in February and March.

US Announces $1.7 Billion To Fight Covid Variants

The funding comes from a $1.9 trillion Covid relief package passed last month and will help the United States come up to speed on genomic surveillance, an area in which it has lagged behind badly relative to other advanced countries.

Angela Merkel Receives AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine

"I am delighted to have received my first vaccination with AstraZeneca today. I thank everyone involved in the vaccination campaign and everyone who gets vaccinated," she said.

Norway's public health institute recommends axing AstraZeneca jab

It comes a day after Denmark became the first country in Europe to abandon the jab over links with very rare blood clots.